How Expansion Joint Covers Works During Seismic Activity

What is Expansion Joint Covers?

Expansion Joint Cover is a cover or a covering system that protects the structural gap designed to accommodate the movement of the building in a controlled to prevent damages to the building finishes. It remains unaffected by the relative movement of the two surfaces on either side of the joint and provides a smooth transition across an expansion joint opening.

Expansion Joints is essential to the building because it gives some flexibility when movement occurs due to thermal, settlement, wind-sway, or seismic activity. The gap or the joint width varies depending on the geographical location of the building and the height of the building. Usually, as the building goes higher, the gap will become bigger.

There are a wide variety of Expansion Joint Covers available now in the market. You can choose what type of expansion joint covers that will suit your requirements and best fit as per your site condition.

See below the video simulation sample of Genotek Z-5000 Series pop-up type of floor expansion joint cover during movement.

Below are the video simulation sample of Genotek CF-H Series surface-mount type floor expansion joint covers.




Expansion Joint runs throughout the building floors, walls, and ceilings, so wall and ceiling gap also needs a cover. Most of the expansion joint covers for the walls can be applied also in the ceiling but some ceilings require special covers, like for the suspended ceiling, etc.

Below is the simulation video of the movement of Genotek D-4000 Series seismic cover for wall and ceiling.


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Do you want to see the different types of expansion joint covers?

Genotek Expansion Joint Covers Catalog will help you in selecting the right expansion joint covers that you need.

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